Why Donald and Melania Trump Really Don’t Care…

— By Jerry Cates. First draft created on 21 June 2018, published on 21 June 2018, and last expanded/edited on 22 June 2018. © Govinthenews Vol. 9:6(1).

As all my readers know, I’ve been silent on this website since October 2017. It wasn’t because I couldn’t think of anything to write regarding the abysmal state of America’s government; trust me, my thoughts on that subject have been in high gear for a long, long time. If anything, those thoughts have only multiplied since October of last year.

It is time to put some of those thoughts in print again, and I begin with an analysis of something that just happened.

News reporting is supposed to be unbiased and rational, but today we find constant evidence of unreasoned thought in the “news” published by America’s mainstream media. The authors are so-called experts on human behavior who claim an inside track on the meaning of things. Consider this example: on Thursday, 21 June 2018, Melania Trump wore a jacket that contained, on its back, a terse statement. Was its message pejorative? Or was it sober, reasoned, and reverent? Here it is… you be the judge:

“I Really Don’t Care… Do U?”

The popular American media “knew” exactly what it meant and pounced. Their commentary was vicious and venomous. She was on her way to visit immigrant detention centers in Texas, so — the pundits reasoned — she was saying she didn’t care about the families, and especially the children in those families, with whom she was about to commune. Hofstra University Professor Kara Alaimo, in a post published on CNN.com, called Melania’s jacket message “callous,” “a shocking moment of poor judgment,” and “a jaw-dropping affront.” Click on the link and read Alaimo’s post. It is riddled with interesting and, for her, damning contradictions. While she had many good things to say about Melania, the gist was that the message on the back of her jacket made the good things moot. She painted the jacket’s message as so pejorative that it — all by itself — turned everything good about Melania into something bad. Alaimo didn’t enumerate Melania’s laudable character traits to praise her, but to ensure her readers would know exactly which ones the jacket’s message assassinated.

The problem for Alaimo, though, is that — whether unintentionally or with malice — she misunderstood the jacket’s message entirely.

Nobody who really knows what makes Donald and Melania Trump tick had to ask what Melania’s jacket message meant. We knew, without asking: She really doesn’t care! No. Not about children, for whom she cares deeply. Her jacket was not about that. She loves children. Her devotion to causes related to children, as enumerated in Alaimo’s post, proves that point so far beyond any reasonable doubt that Alaimo should have realized her mistake at once. What Melania doesn’t care about is what other people think about her. Like her husband, Donald J. Trump, she is so comfortable in her own skin that she couldn’t care less what anybody else thinks about her. Considering the long string of horrible, despicable, and evil speculations posted about her in the past two weeks (which, for all but the brain-dead, set the context for her jacket message), the message on her jacket promoted a powerful assertion. As the target of a huge number of stupid, wholly unsubstantiated, but widely disseminated rumors about her over that period, she felt a need to let the world know it wasn’t getting her down.

She was saying she’s ok, folks. No matter what! Get over it. The message on her jacket was absolutely sober, reasoned, and reverent. It said “I’m not letting the ugliness of my detractors dissuade me from the good I have to do…”

The Donald is doing the same. He’s had plenty of mud and excrement thrown his way, too, but like Melania he can take it. Yes, no matter what. And, yes, Alaimo and all the others engaging in mudslinging need to get over that, too. Their mental health (what they have left) depends on it. Donald and Melania will continue to exhibit excellent mental health, whether they do or not.

The smart thing, it seems to me, would be for those suffering TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) to wake up and start emulating Donald and Melania. Chances are that will eventually happen. The truth always comes to the surface, and the truth is Donald and Melania are the best of the best. They are making America honest again, and that is the most important ingredient in the MAGA program. Wait for it. It will happen. I have no doubts whatever about that…

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