Donald Trump’s Kitchen

— By Jerry Cates. First published on 28 July 2017 and last expanded on 17 August 2017. © Govinthenews Vol. 8:7(2).

This Wednesday Anthony Scaramucci proved he was worthy of being on the Trump Team. He called Ryan Lizza, at The New Yorker, to find out who leaked his dinner plans that night to him (he’d earlier tweeted about who Scaramucci was having dinner with, and speculated on what was discussed). When Lizza refused to reveal his source, Tony “The Mooch” unloaded a vile stream of x-rated invectives, naming names and exposing his own speculations on who the leaker was. Lizza, ever the resourceful reporter, dutifully recorded the conversation and soon published it, word for word (at least the juiciest, most profane portions) for all the world to read.

Which they did. The whole world, I mean.

Thus followed an all-consuming hysterical feeding frenzy on all the major news networks. Before long dozens of starry-eyed lip-glossed info-babes, and hordes of tongue-clucking stiff-lipped info-mensches decried in loud, self-righteous rhetoric how the Trump Team was falling apart at the seams. They were, it was said, destroying the sanctity of the White House, and sullying the dignity of the President’s office “once again.”

Yes, Donald Trump and his idiotic, cursing, unhinged surrogates have single-handedly trashed the White House and the office of the U.S. President. All by themselves. Something never before done. Ever. Well, if you really believe that, you are not paying attention.

Thankfully, though, most of you know better. You understand Trump’s satire, even if the likes of Fox News’ boy-scout Shepard Smith, and Fox’s staid and proper Chris Wallace (who now questions if the White House is equipped to handle an international crisis, should one pop up out of nowhere), do not.

You, America’s workers, the true movers and shakers in our beautiful American economy, aren’t that stupid. Truly. You aren’t…

You know that while Donald Trump and “his people” thumb their noses at sophisticated behavior (and language) they haven’t been caught giving our uranium stockpiles to Russia for pennies on the dollar, while collecting beefy speaking fees in Moscow. Nor have they abandoned American ambassadors under siege by terrorists in foreign lands (oooh, Obama and Hillary handled that international crisis well, didn’t they, Chris?), or funded personal foundations with huge donations from foreign nations and corporations seeking favors, exposed America’s secrets on public servers, seduced interns in the Oval Office, or excused the promulgation of a host of new, unconstitutional ways to collect private information on American citizens as a way to “enhance national security.”

George W. Bush was so enamored of the dignity of the Presidency, he focused on that at the expense of America’s constitution. And our constitution suffered mightily as a result. But, hey, the dignity of the Presidency, well… sorry, GW, but you still lost on that one. Any serious student of history knows that, and the Bush experience stands as proof, for those with the brains to understand it, that standing on dignity without attending to the nuts and bolts that hold this nation together is not the way to go.

But one thing is undeniable; those Trumpists are a rough bunch. And no wonder; they get their cues from their boss. Donald Trump is a tough cookie, himself. He’s known to use coarse language. Heck, the New York Times just reported that Trump was happy with the way “The Mooch” spoke with Lizza. That is not at all surprising to anyone who has seen even one episode of “The Apprentice.”

You know what I mean, don’t you?

The common thread that wound through every episode of that series was the way every contestant was pitted against the others. Pitted, and challenged, constantly. In that kind of atmosphere, only genuine fighters win. Timidity loses. End of story.

That’s the way Trump’s kitchen works. Pressure-cooker management, no-holds- barred. Thin skinned folks don’t last. Thick, asbestos-skinned ones stay, and they get the work done.

It’s that simple, and apparently Jeff Sessions knows that. He’s taking heat, and staying in the kitchen. If my guess is right, he has a good grip on the way the Trump White House works, and though “it’s hurtful,” as he put it, he’s not letting it get him down. He probably sees the criticism Trump has thrown his way as a test, one he seems presently intent on passing with flying colors. If he succeeds, he will come out of this stronger than ever. I’m putting my money on that.

But note one thing that I think is very important: shortly after Trump started lambasting Sessions and the DOJ for not going after leakers and official wrongdoing during the past administration, a string of actions along just those lines began to surface. Coincidence? Maybe, but I doubt it. Important people finally got off their dimes and started moving in the right directions. Maybe Sessions and his staff needed Trump to shoehorn him out of complacency and on to greatness. He looked pretty good in El Salvador, making serious inroads in the quest to bring MSX3 down at its root.

That’s how Trump gets things done. It isn’t pretty, it isn’t sophisticated, and it isn’t the least bit dignified, but — after a fashion — it works. Or, at least that is how it looks to me. Time will tell…


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