Karma’s Real Name

— By Jerry Cates. First published on 15 December 2016 and last expanded on 15 December 2016. © Govinthenews Vol. 7:12(4).

Karma, they say, is a …

I won’t write it. It’s a bad word, one that starts with “b” and rhymes with “witch.” You know the one.

Of course, karma — the net value of one’s past actions, especially when viewed as presaging one’s future — doesn’t have to be bad. If one’s past actions are, in sum, more good than bad, karma presages happiness and light. But the old saying alluded to above wasn’t conjured up by, and was never made in reference to, a life led cleanly.

In my work I’m often called in to clean up messes made by others, and in almost every case the messes involved were made by so-called professionals who were either poorly trained or dishonest. Ignorance is no excuse, but it beats outright dishonesty by a country mile. Over the past couple of decades I’ve noticed a clear uptick in the incidence of professional misconduct, not only in my field of work but in all fields, across the board. That incidence appears to track a definite uptick in dishonesty in American government. When government officials get away with lying, a trickle-down effect permeates American industry.

Honesty has been devalued at the highest levels of American government, and though it was not highly valued by George W. Bush, it has dropped to incredible lows under the Obama Administration. American industry, at all levels, has followed suit. That’s what happens when those who set the standards lower the bar.

And boy, has Obama lowered the bar of honesty in American government.

Well, things… they are a-changin’. The pendulum of accountability is preparing to swing the other way. My hope is that Donald Trump will spearhead a complete reversal of the way American government works. Sure, he may disappoint, but even if he does, someone not far behind will make things right. It has to be that way. Lying has consequences. Someone has to pay the piper. And the cost of lying is never worth the short-term gain lying gives the liar. Eventually a pattern of dishonesty catches up with the perpetrator, and when that happens the whole world witnesses the gory results.

Yes, Karma is that word. And it is coming. Watch for it. You will know when it arrives, for the names of those on whom it is visited will be splashed across the pages of America’s media. Not one of the guilty parties will escape, as history is our inerrant guide. Their names will then define, for all of us, precisely what Karma is all about.

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