Stark Contrasts: The Trump Team Shows Obama How…

By Jerry Cates. First published on 1 December 2016 and last expanded on 4 December 2016. © Govinthenews Vol. 7:12(1).

Today Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence visited the Carrier Air Conditioning manufacturing plant in Indiana, celebrating the decision by United Technologies to keep over 1,100 jobs in Indiana that they’d earlier planned to move to Mexico. That is just the beginning of a long list of things that Trump & Pence plan to do to Make America Great Again! If that sounds like a commercial for our new President and his VP, well, it is. I’m on board with this team. But, of course, not everybody agrees with me on that… no, not yet…

Democrats, as a block, are slamming the Carrier deal. The “logic” they use in their slams makes no sense whatever. Frankly it demeans them. They should know better. Math is math, folks. Democrats manufacture numbers. The Trump Team manufactures jobs. They’re doing it even before Trump takes office.

Case in point (to be precise, one case, illustrated with two points): After Josh Earnest — Obama’s press secretary — heard about the success the Trump Team had in their bid to save 1,100 Carrier manufacturing jobs, he made a smart-alek statement, at today’s press conference, that Trump would have to make 804 more deals like that to match Barack’s history of saving American jobs.

What a humongous, stinky load of Bravo Sierra! Josh, buddy, did you forget that we can check your numbers? Well, we didn’t forget, so we did. Pssst… they don’t stand up to scrutiny…

Now, it is certainly true that Obama promised, during his 2012 reelection bid, to “create 1 million new manufacturing jobs by the end of 2016.” He also promised to “double American exports over the next five years.” Promises, Josh, don’t cut it. Action, that cuts it. No action? Look… promises without action aren’t worth a hill of beans, and Obama didn’t even deliver so much as a tiny cup of beans. Instead he stole our beans, because he did his level best to kill American jobs, not save them. But he has been successful. Yes, at killing American jobs he’s been very, very successful.

So, my advice to you, Josh, is to go re-work your math and stop embarrassing yourself. I’m not blowing smoke on this. I have figures, too, and they don’t match yours:

According to Politifact, Josh, you used as your starting point the paltry total of the manufacturing jobs to which America had sunk by 2010, at the low-point in Obama’s Administration. That number was 1,108,000 less than it had been at Obama’s inauguration in 2009. Yes! America lost 1,108,000 manufacturing jobs in Obama’s first year as president. That, by the way, amounts to an average loss of 3,036 jobs a day! Since then, the number of manufacturing jobs has increased by 805,000, that’s a daily average of 368 jobs a day, over six full years! Evidently Obama can make jobs disappear 8 times faster than he can make them appear.

That’s nothing to be proud of, Josh. Really. You and your boss should be deeply ashamed.

Furthermore, even after adding all those new manufacturing jobs between 2010 and 2016, the total of such jobs in America today still lags the number in  place when Obama took office by a whopping 303,000.

Oh, except for the 1,100 jobs the Trump Team just added. But you and Obama can’t have those, Josh. Those belong to the Trump team…

Let’s see, now… the Trump Team only rolled up its sleeves on the 9th of November, and on 24 November announced it was working over the holiday to get Carrier to change its plan. On 26 November, only two days after he announced his initiative to save Carrier jobs, Carrier announced it would keep 1,100 jobs previously scheduled to be outsourced to Mexico. That’s a rate of 550 jobs a day, and Trump isn’t even sworn in yet. If he can do that before he’s sworn in, imagine how many jobs he can save and create once he’s officially our POTUS.

Fortunately for us Obama wasn’t able to start killing jobs before he was inaugurated. He probably wished he could, but we’re lucky he couldn’t. Trump got started saving jobs the minute he won the election. Amazing. That’s clearly a harbinger of good, really good things to come. Look, even if — by some kind of convoluted reasoning — what you said was right, all you were saying was that Obama had saved 880,000 American jobs! Over eight years? Great Scott, Josh! I predict the Trump Team to save and create upwards of 2,250,000 jobs a year, during the first 4 years. That’s just slightly more than double the rate Obama lost for us in his first year! Wanna bet he won’t? C’mon! Seriously! Wanna bet he won’t do at least that good?

Put your money away, Josh… My conscience won’t let me take money from a fool. I value a good night’s sleep, with a clean conscience. So just put your money away and trust me, the Donald, along with his team of advisors, will pull it off.

But don’t tell Bernie Sanders, who at this very moment is speaking out sharply, criticizing the deal that Trump & Pence struck with United Technologies to keep those jobs in the U.S. Again, nothing Sanders ever campaigned on during his failed bid for president had anything to do with saving or creating U.S. jobs. That’s because, just like our lame duck Democrat president, saving and creating jobs isn’t on his menu.

By contrast — by a marked, stark contrast — saving and creating American jobs isn’t merely on the Trump Team’s menu, it’s at the top of the list.

I don’t know about all my fellow Americans, but when I buy a new air conditioning system for my home in 2017 I’m going to do all I can to make sure it’s a Carrier unit. Yes, my home’s central HVAC is on its last legs. It’s a Trane, and as they say, it’s not easy to stop a Trane, so it’s still up and running, here in Central Texas, as it has been since 1987! But it needs to be replaced because the EER is way too low and running it is costing me a ton of money. And because of the deal Trump and Pence made with Carrier, I want to make sure the replacement unit is one of the best, most energy efficient units that Carrier makes.

With Obama making a mess of our economy, I couldn’t justify the expense, and with Hillary I’d have had the same problem. Now, though, with the Trump Team taking over, it is definitely time to move up to a new HVAC.

Oh, by the way, Barack Obama, Josh Earnest, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, heed this: you and yours haven’t seen anything yet. 

Thanks a bunch, Carrier!

But that’s just the beginning. Now, how about Ford?

Know what? I’m seriously looking for a new cargo van for my business. Yep, I told my friends and family before the election that I couldn’t even consider expanding my business with Obama in the White House, and if Hillary had won I’d be even less inclined to expand. Obama didn’t care about my business; if he had his way he’d put me out of business so I’d have to depend on his Administration for food stamps and medical care. Hillary cared even less. She promised to be Obama on steroids, and I didn’t doubt her intent to do just that.

Now, with the Trump Team ready to take the helm, my business should boom. Hence the need for a new, extended body, high roof, diesel-powered cargo van. Mercedes makes a nice one, and although some of my clients might wrinkle their noses seeing the Mercedes branding (I try to maintain a low profile, and driving a Mercedes is no way to do that) I’ve given serious thought to buying a new Mercedes diesel Sprinter. Then I read the reviews of the new Ford Transit van. It has a diesel with more power, yet with a much better mpg than the Mercedes, but as I said, it is a newer vehicle so I’m leery. What if the resale value won’t measure up to the Mercedes?

But I’m an American first, right? As an American I want to buy American goods, to help keep American workers busy, and I want to buy from an American company that is clearly doing everything it can to employ American workers. So, even though a tad leery, I’ve got to go for the Ford Transit.

We already know that Ford was on the Trump Team’s pre-inauguration radar screen from the very start. We also know that after Trump’s election Ford announced that the company would cancel plans to shift production of the Lincoln MKC out of Kentucky to Mexico. That change, Ford announced, was made because the company was “encouraged that President-elect Trump and the new Congress will pursue policies that will improve U.S. competitiveness and make it possible to keep production of this vehicle here in the United States.” So, already, Trump’s win at the ballot box has had a positive influence on Ford’s manufacturing plans, though we can’t put a number on the actual U.S. manufacturing jobs that influence has had.

Unfortunately, though, Ford has not yet changed direction regarding the manufacturing of small, lower-margin vehicles like the Ford Focus in Mexico. Back in September, Ford spokeswoman Kelli Felker announced that Ford would move all of its small-car production to Mexico within the next two years. This follows a previous report that a new Ford plant in Mexico is going to employ 2,800 workers there. Ford’s Fiesta subcompact is already being assembled there.

Some of those operations cannot be moved back to the U.S. without making the vehicles involved too expensive to sell here. Still, I can’t help but believe Ford will be announcing a few more changes to its announced plans, changes that will make the Trump Team happy, and will do that even before inauguration day, just to let the world know Carrier is not alone. That makes me happy, too, because I test-drove a Ford Transit the other day, and I liked it a lot. Better, even, than the venerable Mercedes Sprinter…

America is on the brink of a great recovery. Had Obama concentrated on making America and her citizens prosperous again, using tried and tested free-market methods, he could have succeeded, possibly as well as the Trump Team will, and I would have been supportive, and just as excited about him and his program if he had as I am now about Trump. But he wasn’t interested, and instead of an improving economy, America’s and the world’s economies have suffered.

Now, watch and see the way the Trump Team does it right.

We’re in for some wonderfully exciting times. This is… well, shall I say it? Yep. Can’t help myself. It’s Yewwwge!

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