The Arrogant, Spoiled-Child Donald Trump…

— This article, by Jerry Cates, was first published on 26 September 2016, and was last revised on 28 September 2016. © Govinthenews Vol. 7:9(2).

Yes, the man is arrogant, and some of the answers he provided and the side comments he made were similar to those one might expect from a spoiled child in last night’s presidential debate with Hillary Clinton.

He may even do it in the next debate, though I doubt it. His handlers now have slightly more leverage with which to talk him into preparing the right way, with a strong message that focuses on the points that America cares about, instead of the inane, self-centered, egoistic points on which Mr. Trump focuses. I expect the next debate to be very much in his favor. He will behave more presidential. His demeanor will likely be Churchillian, even.

Which is only right. Winston Churchill was every bit as arrogant as Donald Trump. He, too, behaved just like a spoiled child when in the presence of his handlers. I know this because I knew one of his private nurses well.

It was 1964, and I was an infrequent dinner guest of Val and her husband, at their villa in Saigon. Once I knew she had been employed by Winston Churchill as his private nurse I begged her to tell me about the man. She was reticent at first to do so, but eventually I goaded her into recounting some of her experiences. That man, you may recall, was in his last years of life when I first met Val; he died in January 1965, only a year and a few months later, and was much in the news in those days. The stories Val told — in private, of course — painted a picture very much like that we’ve come to see in The Donald. I won’t pass on those stories here, as they were told to me in confidence. Read a few of Winnie’s biographies, written in candid prose by those who were close to him, and you will then understand what I mean.

But Winnie was a man for his time. He brought Great Britain out of the darkness of WW-II and into an era of prosperity never before known by the Brits. Arrogant, self-centered, hard-nosed… yes, he was all of that. Ironically, though, that was what was needed at that time in Great Britain’s history. Humanity does not reflect perfection in its representatives. All of us have our peculiar faults, and for some a few of their faults are pernicious, while others are more annoyances than anything else. None of Winnie’s faults were of the pernicious sort, and the same is true of Donald Trump. Annoying? Absolutely. But beneath that crude exterior beats a heart that loves his country, the way Winnie loved his. Neither of these men would ever think of betraying their nation the way Hillary Clinton has done in so many ways.

Character. That is what defined Winston Churchill and it is what defines Donald Trump. We need a president, in America, today, with character. Donald Trump will supply that need. Along with that, of course, must come all the warts and childish behavior that sometimes accompanies it in some people — people like Winston Churchill.

Ask yourself this: do you know anybody else who can fill those shoes right now? Could Ted Cruz? Jeb Bush? Marco Rubio? Anybody? I don’t think so, and I don’t believe you think so, either, especially if you are a student of history.

Churchill was a man of the people. So is Trump. Brash. Brazen. Outspoken. Honest. Truthful. Perhaps to a fault. That’s what we need right now. So, please, don’t sit this election out because you don’t like the man. Vote for Trump. He’s our modern Winston Churchill. And he will get the job done…

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