The Fit, The Unfit, and The Ugly…

The centerpiece of this article is a brilliant essay written in one hour’s time by Will Harris and published on FaceBook on 2 August 2016; editorial comments have been added by Jerry Cates, but Will’s essay has not been edited and is provided in its entirety; this article was last revised on 4 August 2016. © Govinthenews Vol. 7:8(1).


Will Harris is an old and cherished member of my extended family. I met his dad awkwardly, in the late 1960’s on a bright sunny day in An Khe, Vietnam, on “The Golfcourse.” Though bereft of greens, sand traps, or tees, that was the name by which the helicopter landing field, for 1st Air Cavalry Division’s fleet of rotary wing aircraft, was commonly known. The elder Harris, then a U.S. Army Colonel who later rose to the rank of Major General, was 1st Air Cav’s Commanding Officer.

He knew every man under his command. I, a visiting civilian working on a classified Department of Defense project known as Compass Eagle, was wearing military fatigues without identifying insignia, and had just debarked from a UH-1B helicopter I’d hitched a ride on from Qui Nhon. I had been traveling around to a number of military posts for the better part of a week, had not gotten a lot of sleep, and was probably a strange sight to behold. To Col. Harris I was not only out of uniform but insubordinate, as I’d not snapped to attention and saluted him the moment he strode into sight, and that made him more than a little hot under the collar. Therein, of course, lies a tale, but it must await another time for the telling. Suffice it to say that many years later, in Austin, Texas, Will and his twin brother Robert became, for our two sons Andrew and Patrick, their closest and most enduring friends.

On the evening of 2 August 2016, while visiting his widowed mother, Will learned of President Obama’s latest televised criticism of Donald Trump. In that blistering critique Obama called Trump “unfit to lead” America. Fed up with this pompous man’s unmerited self-righteousness, and surrounded by the mementos of his storied father’s sacrifices for this nation, Will began to write a rebuttal. In the space of an hour he penned these words:


“Obama said today that Trump was “unfit to lead”. So let’s examine what makes a president “fit” to lead.
I suppose it’s “fit” for a president to involve us in unjustifiable war (Bush) and destabilize an entire region (Obama & Clinton).
I suppose it’s “fit” for a president to rack up trillions of national debt (Obama)…more than all presidents combined.
I suppose it’s “fit” for a president to open borders to terrorists and their evil, and other people that do not want to assimilate into American culture and our justice system (Obama).
I suppose it’s “fit” for a president to attack the 2nd Ammendment at every turn (Obama & Clinton), using every terrorist attack as a reason to disarm YOU.
I suppose it’s “fit” for a president to open borders to well-meaning illegal immigrants, only to have their dreams crushed when they realize that the country they came to is turning into the country they just left (Obama & Clinton).
I suppose it’s “fit” for a president to use executive orders like a monarch to push his/her agenda, instead of working under a system designed to listen to the voice of the American people (Obama).
I suppose it’s “fit” for a president to lie to the American people (more times than I can count) to pacify foreign governments hell-bent on our destruction, continue incredible levels of corruption, advance a political career, justify war, thwart and bypass national security, cover-up rape and assault, and on-and-on (Obama, Bush & Clinton).
I suppose it’s “fit” for a president to continue to accept the abhorrent treatment of our veterans (Obama).
I suppose it’s “fit” for a president to accept his tax agency targeting political organizations not to his/her liking (Obama).
I suppose it’s fit “for” a president to enrich themselves and their friends, and absolutely ignore inner cities, lower income families, and middle-class Americans (Clinton & Obama).
I suppose it’s “fit” for a president to make deals that enrich other countries and destroy American jobs and industry (Clinton, Obama and Bush).
I suppose it’s “fit” for a president to fan the flames of racial discord, driving law and order from our society only to replace it with disrespect and disorder (Obama).
I suppose it’s “fit” for a president to accept money from despots, dictators, and foreign governments that murder their own people, torture and kill Christians, treat women like animals (and much worse), decapitate gays, and abuse children (Clinton).
I suppose it’s “fit” for a president to put more burden on the American people through increased healthcare premiums, taxes, and ridiculous, inefficient and out-of-control government spending (Obama).
So who is really “fit” to serve as our President?
This election is about more than a sound bite or rough language. It’s about our future. So imagine a future with more war, more corruption, a national debt that weakens a nation, a growing racial divide, more terrorism (abroad and at home), a PC culture that will ultimately extinguish free expression, more people in poverty and no real ladder out of welfare, all the “safe spaces” you could dream of, a lopsided court that will use every opportunity to strip your rights, and an even more powerful political class with a globalist agenda designed to keep you and your family at their heel.
Bernie got screwed. He was an outsider. He and his supporters never had a chance against an establishment and media stacked against him. It was rigged. It was. This shouldn’t be acceptable to any American. Fair play? No. Not even close. Now (love him or hate him), the same thing is playing out in front of our eyes with Trump vs. just about every powerful group out there (e.g. media, special interests groups of all stripes, establishment politicians of both parties, globalists, billionaires and neocons).
You have to ask WHY all these powerful groups are freaking out and blasting a single candidate. Because he counter-punches? Because he speaks like a large portion of the American people? Because he says what many people think? These groups are scared to death that someone might disrupt their ‘sweet thing’ – their gravy train (on our dime). They are scared that someone might come along and reduce their power and influence and put less money in their pockets. Their ‘sweet thing’ is the American people’s bad deal, and always has been. These are corrupt people that have become used to getting everything they want. You want to continue to give them that opportunity? You want to accept the status quo, or worse yet, corruption?
70% of us say this country is “on the wrong track”. Really? We keep voting for the same thing over and over and over again. We have become a population of sheeple that accept what we’re lucky enough to be fed. We have been deliberately distracted by this injustice, that injustice and anything else the corporate media wants to feed us. They distract us so we turn a blind eye to the big things that are going on…the real, evil agenda that helps but a few and discards the rest of of the American people.
So when Obama talks about Trump being unfit to lead…well what has “fit” actually delivered for all of us? Trump may be a bombastic, sometimes insensitive Queens guy…but he isn’t corrupt and he isn’t a part of the establishment. He’s an outsider…and yes, it shows (right or wrong). I liken him to a George Carlin who said some outrageous stuff in his day. But there was always some truth (sometime alot of truth) in his observations – even if our sensitive ears weren’t ready to hear his words.
Guaranteed that if Hillary Clinton wins – we will realize the future described above. Not to mention (and borrowing a phrase from the “Godfather”), the Clintons will “settle all family business.” You think Trump is scary…you think about Clinton being unrestrained and unchecked. And you think about 6 or 7 of our 9 justices ‘creating’ law from the bench…impacting our lives and the lives of our children for the next 50 years.

He then added these final words of warning:

I don’t care if you vote for Jill Stein, Donald Trump, or Gary Johnson… but a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for another “fit” president… delivering more of the same or much, much worse.


The time taken to compose this essay was, I later told Will, an hour well spent.

His well-writ words express the pathos surrounding a curious, surreal campaign that today pits the best proponents of each of two distinct and separate philosophies against one another. This campaign is curious because, at once, the stakes could not be more serious nor the disjuncts between these two ideals more stark, yet even a novice historian should know which ideal must, in the end, rise to the top and make champions of its masters. Open the tomes of history and see for yourself: one — a very specific one, and one alone — of these ideals has always bested the other throughout the annals of time, though often at tremendous cost. The other has always foundered in the stormy seas of human strife, making shipwreck of all its adherents, and taking them all to an inglorious end.

But this campaign is also surreal. It has, to all I have spoken with, the disorienting and hallucinatory quality of a bad, nightmarish dream. We who have been loyal participants in our nation’s military and entrepreneurial pursuits would never have imagined in earlier times that such a campaign might rip apart the world in which we live.

Why? I mean by that question to ask what caused us to become afflicted with a national disease we once thought ourselves specially immunized against. But mine is a foolish question. We know why, we know the cause… or at least we should know. As a nation we have sunk to depths of depravity many of us can hardly fathom.

We have witnessed, first, a man bent on destroying our country’s most sacred tenets, a man whom the electorate willingly chose to take command of America’s helm for two successive terms. We did that as though we were blind to the clear objectives he proclaimed as he noisily set about destroying us. Now we see a woman, whose entire family is and has been steeped in lies and treasonous acts of monumental proportions, a woman determined to multiply those lies and impossible promises exponentially, and therewith take us even deeper into Obama’s infectious sewer to further goals even more nefarious than those espoused by her silver-tongued mentor. And incredibly, as we dimly grasp the fact that with gilded rhetoric she has taken captive the souls of half of our people, the obvious consequences of her expressed intentions seem beyond the grossest fiction imaginable.

But the wise know that none of this is fiction… Reality has struck us hard across the brow several times now in succession. Hard enough for us to realize we’re not dreaming. We still reel from the shock, yet we seem not as a nation to have been shaken out of our dreamlike state.

Well, it matters little in the long run, to Mother Nature or the Gods of history-in-the-making, if we awaken from our dream or not. What is to come will come, and its nature will either be shaped by our intellectual understanding of truth or it won’t. It won’t, of course, if we ignore the signs and push our heads deeper into the sand of willful ignorance, and inasmuch as that portends of great gobs of universal misery, it should matter to us. Not the way it will matter to future historians, who — as historians have always done — will take secret glee in writing of the tragic follies of men in the past. It is we who shall either reflect wisely over the bullets we skillfully dodged, or rent our garments in anguish as the plagues we could, and should, have avoided take their ruinous tolls on us, our loved ones, and our neighbors. The lives that history later chronicles feel real pain, bleed freely of wet, red blood when they are cut, and mourn their lost and their losses with emotions that shake their frames and send rivers of tears down their faces. So shall we. There are no exemptions…

History consistently repeats the truth that a people who cannot or will not willingly grasp reality is soon unwillingly hoisted upon reality’s explosive petard. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not natural gifts acquired without cost, toil,or conscious effort; they are crowns bestowed on a hard-working people, and their luster is polished by strong, steady doses of genuine, often painful truths. All three, by contrast, are utterly destroyed when demanded of others and stolen by fools, knaves, and thieves clinging to childish, impossible dreams they ought to know better than believe. It is inevitable that those who persist in living within a world of fantasy will before long be visited by a tidal wave of reality that breaks upon them without mercy, whether they expect it or not.

One or the other of the present campaign’s expressed ideals will prevail in November. Mark the words of my good friend Will well. He gets it. His words make plain the fact that this election will either promote the “fit” or the “unfit” to the leadership of this great nation. And no, it isn’t — as many pundits claim — a Faustian choice between two equally “unfit” candidates. One is truly, in every sense of the expression, unfit to serve. The other is as rational an answer as can presently be had to the need for someone genuinely fit to lead us back, this time with our eyes wide open, through that circuitous garden path we much earlier naively trod, up and out of that dark pit into which the Great Society and the War on Poverty, both so-called, have led us.

One candidate leads us to awaiting disaster of the ugliest possible kind, an ugly, cataclysmic debacle plastered with lies and half-truths and paved with platitudes and impossible promises. The other offers a reawakening, a new day in the bright sunshine, one that honors truth, liberty, and honest justice for all.

Those are your choices, America.

Which you will choose is the measure of what you are. My fervent hope is that most Americans will soon awaken to a malleable reality that offers workable alternatives that we, together, can choose as a means to avert the worst of what looms ahead. No doubt many, however, will not so awaken, because while they are still clothed, fed, comfortably housed, and with a source of gold-of-the-realm that keeps their creature comforts at levels that allow them the luxury to complain and exercise their constitutional rights of free speech and assembly with wild abandon, they think they can behave as unseemly as they wish without worrying about the future.

If they and their apologists have their way, if they continue to constitute a plurality within our citizenry as they do now, they and we will all soon stand naked, hungry, homeless, and unemployed, stripped of all that hard honest work granted the wage-earners amongst us in the past, and gazing slackjawed at the awful truth of where our depravity as a nation has taken us. Many think the cushy life of living on the backs of others will never end. They are wrong. Stark reality, in all its glory, always eventually takes matters into its own hands and subjects those who ignore the warnings of history to the rudest of awakenings their world has ever known…


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