Confirmation: Corruption now infects 100% of the U.S. Government, and even the 2nd Amendment is powerless to save us…

— This article by Jerry Cates, was published on 5 July 2016, and last revised on 7 July 2016. © Govinthenews Vol. 7:7(1).


Today the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, via its Director James B. Comey, announced that charges will not be filed against Hillary Clinton for her use of a personal, unsecured server while serving as U.S. Secretary of State. She will not be charged for sending, receiving, and storing some of America’s most sensitive intelligence information on that unsecured server, for deleting emails that under law were required to be handed over to the federal government when she left office, for official misconduct for soliciting and accepting $millions in bribes — disguised as contributions to her family foundation — from individuals and foreign governments while she negotiated with them on behalf of the U.S. Government, or for making false statements to investigators and the press regarding each of these activities.

Few doubt that Ms. Clinton is guilty of each of those crimes. The clear evidence supporting a finding of criminal misconduct by Ms. Clinton was enumerated by Director Comey during his public statement on the case. Yet, despite that evidence, America’s gatekeepers don’t care whether she is guilty or not. The rule of law, it seems, is not pertinent with regard to such matters. In actual fact, given the surprising conclusion by Comey that Clinton will not be charged with the crimes he listed and described in such detail, the rule of law is now dead.

Earlier in the Obama Administration the U.S. Internal Revenue Service was given a pass for using the powerful resources of America’s taxing authority to intimidate and effectively neuter conservative individuals and organizations, thereby giving the Obama reelection machine significant unfair advantages during the reelection campaign of 2012. Without those advantages it is possible — actually more than likely — that Obama would not have been reelected to the Oval Office. In times past, such chicanery would never have been tolerated. Elections in a truly free society, the kind of society we think we have, must be carried out on a level playing field; elected officials are not supposed to be able to use their positions of authority to influence the electoral process. That’s how it is supposed to work, but today it doesn’t work that way. Obama and his appointed officials have turned equality at the voting booth on its head. Today, the electoral process is rigged by those in office, to make sure that those with like views stay in office while those with opposing views are kept out.

100% Corruption…

America now must come to grips with the fact that corruption has reached every facet of the U.S. Government, and that those in authority today are unfettered by the laws that govern you and me. This is dangerous territory. Very dangerous, indeed. Genuine freedom always hangs by a thin thread. That thread may already have unraveled and we don’t even know it.

To this writer the meaning is quite simple, and for every American who loves this land, it should also be terrifying. Honor does not reside in today’s U.S. Government. Those tenets of honor, namely probity, uprightness, honesty, integrity, and sincerity, all of which refer to the elevation of the highest moral principles, along with the abhorrence of deceit or fraud, cannot today be expected to be displayed by anyone in any of America’s high offices.

The Inevitable Result…

History shows that when so tawdry a state of affairs as we now witness in our government is allowed to proceed unchecked, the inevitable result is an unraveling of existing governmental frameworks, a rejection of established laws (which would include, for us, the U.S. Constitution itself), and — soon thereafter — the creation by fiat of new governmental frameworks based wholly on totalitarian principles. Such a government could come into being over night. Historically, when this has happened in the past, such governments enacted a set of laws with extraordinary, unthinkable results. One could expect, for example, the release all convicted criminals from the nation’s prisons to make room for the imprisonment and execution of all who oppose its leaders.

We seem to be heading in that direction. Anyone who doubts that is not a good student of history, but that is no surprise either. Our schools do not teach history any more. The present generation of freshly minted high school and college graduates was treated to history classes — what little they’ve had — that left out important truths in favor of teaching lies and half-truths. That generation has little or no understanding of the history behind our existing norms. It is small wonder that they have no respect for them, and that they will not mourn their passing until the consequences of the demise of our present system of laws and justice begin to surface.

It is only a matter of time before that happens, unless we act quickly.

These are not the ruminations of a Conspiracy Theorist…

How soon we could get there is the big question, but if nothing is done, it could be just a matter of a few months, or at most only a few years. Hillary Clinton is on her way to the White House. Once there she will be able to appoint as many as five new justices to the Supreme Court (one slot is now vacant and four of the present justices are on the verge of retiring) that, like her, despise our present governmental framework and will be primed to do her bidding. When that is done, America as we know it is doomed.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. There is, to my knowledge, no huge machine behind this. I see it the way I see most things in nature, where delicate balances are maintained or lost, as swings of the pendulum of fate move things from one extreme to another. Ideally, the pendulum is kept under tacit control, restrained from swinging too far right or left, but — as history has recorded again and again — once in a while it travels beyond its usual boundaries.

When that happens, all hell breaks loose.

Ironically, the trigger behind such happenings is exactly what we don’t expect it to be: a sudden, exciting and even exhilarating rise in wealth, either in human knowledge or capital. Were humanity capable of dealing with such peaks, all humanity would profit. Sadly, we are not equal to the task. Greed gets in the way. Everybody wants their part of the pie, even when the common perception of what the pie is cannot be tabulated. Petty minds, convinced their intuitions outweigh the grave truths of yesteryear, ascend to power and bring law and order to its knees. In the aftermath calamity reigns and monumental injustices rock the land, leaving none unscathed.

The machinations of ordinary, garden variety human depravity…

What we are witnessing in America today is merely the machinations of that same, ordinary, garden variety human depravity that has always been behind the great upheavals of history. It’s the exact same kind of depravity that lay behind the horrific events of the French Revolution — when blood from the guillotining of France’s most honorable citizens ran freely in the streets of Paris — and that even today has not brought governmental sensibility to that beleaguered nation. It was the impetus behind the pair of revolutions that rocked Russia early in the 20th century, leading to the downfall of the existing Tsarist regime, and ultimately its replacement by a communist dictatorship that lasted for more than 60 years and cost millions of lives. The same depravity brought Adolf Hitler to power, and led the leaders of Nazi Germany to think it possible to wipe Judaism, homosexuality, and communism from the earth. In Cambodia it led to the killing fields…

We could go on and on. We could also point out that in every one of these upheavals even those who masterminded them were dismayed by the horrific consequences. They didn’t see that coming. If they had, they most likely would have paused, and reconsidered what they were doing. Unfortunately, those on such missions are blind to such things. They cannot stop themselves. Someone else must stop them.

The authors of the U.S. Constitution foresaw today’s events, and sought to incorporate language that would assist those who would seek to stop those who overstepped their bounds of authority. The 2nd Amendment provides a means for the citizenry to rise up, in response to a threatened wholesale usurpation of constitutional power, and with armed force bring America’s leadership to its knees. Yet, the 2nd Amendment can only work toward that end when the nature of the threat is clear and compelling to the majority of America’s citizenry. If only a minority of our citizens recognize the threat for what it is, their weapons will be useless. That is where we are today. Incremental usurpation of the constitution is not amenable to the kind of remedies the 2nd Amendment offers. What happened in late 18th century France, in early 20th century Russia, and later, in Nazi Germany, could happen here. In fact, it most likely will happen here, even despite our precious 2nd Amendment.

The NRA is Powerless to Prevent the Collapse of America’s Government…

The National Rifle Association claims that its members provide what amounts to American Freedom’s safest place. I’m a Lifetime member of the NRA, and I wish that were so. While the NRA is without doubt one of the most important bulwarks against tyranny ever known, it has not been able to prevent the takeover of our government by dishonest, depraved human beings whose only object is to become more and more powerful.

As proof of that assertion, I need only point out that we are already there. The most corrupt politicians and political appointees of all time have taken over our country, and the NRA has been powerless to stop it. It is a huge mistake to think that just because you and I and many of our friends, family, and acquaintances are members of the NRA, and have safes stocked with guns and ammunition, freedom and liberty is safe unless our foes are able and willing to wrench those things from our cold, dead hands. If that is what it takes, yes, liberty and freedom are indeed safe. But a hot shooting conflict is not how this war is being fought, and that’s not how it will be won or lost. Look around you. The opposition has not fired one shot, yet they have won every serious battle they’ve fought against us. Not with guns, but with lies and unbelievable promises they cannot keep and that they are never held accountable for.

Rising above depravity is not the norm…

Yes, we law abiding Americans who still value the rule of law, and who honor the U.S. Constitution, still have our guns. But unless we come together in an organized fashion, and work together in a cooperative fashion to fight back — not with guns but at the polls — against dishonesty and corruption, we will be mere witnesses to the further corruption of our government until the inevitable takes place. That’s the conundrum we face. We think the opposition is more organized than we are, but that isn’t true. Human depravity does not require organization. We are outnumbered by suckers and fools. Those traits are endemic in the ranks of humanity, and most important, the core trait — simple depravity — does not require sacrifice but instead profits, at least in the beginning, from the spoils of its depravity.

Rising above depravity, by comparison, is abnormal. It is not the natural way of things. Freedom and liberty not only requires sacrifice, it thrives on it. It requires sacrificing present gains — gains that depravity heaps upon its functionaries — in order to honor the rule of law.

“Why,” the opposition asks, “Why on earth would anybody do that?” Sacrifice is way out of vogue. It’s the last thing on anyone’s mind. Yet, it is the only thing that keeps society functioning, and government operating the way the U.S. Constitution intended. More important than that, however, in its absence comes alternatives to functioning society and good government that nobody, not even the depraved, could possibly want. When society crumbles and governments collapse, millions of lives are at stake. Horrendous losses of life and property take place.

Upheavals & Human Progress…

One of the great ironies of history is the fact that, in the wake of every great upheaval, humanity has generally tended to rise to greater heights of greatness and civilization. It would be foolish not to factor that into this discussion. Those who seek to retain the present status quo should know that they are on shaky ground for that very reason, and so it is not my wish that the status quo be kept intact. But don’t mistake status quo for adherence to constitutional law. What we have today, as our status quo, is nothing like the writers of the U.S. Constitution envisioned and intended.  We need to return to those principles, the ones that guided this nation, at its inception, to greatness. That’s far from the status quo of today. We’ve strayed far from those principles. Our only hope is to honor them, and in the process to elevate honesty, truth, and humility to their rightful places. Only one thing will enable us to do that, and that one thing is a willingness to sacrifice all we have, if need be, to bring it about.

That’s what we must do to avoid the alternative, which is the total collapse of society and government and the loss of life that will inevitably come in its wake. Yes, upheaval tends to give way, later on, to improvements in the human condition. Looking back, we connect the dots and think upheaval was the driving force behind those later improvements, forgetting that it was instead the pendulum of fate, swinging to and fro, that made it happen. Can anyone honestly say the French Revolution was worth what is cost (and still costs, today)? Was the Russian Revolution a worthy enterprise, in hindsight? We need not even ask the question regarding Nazi Germany…

Upheaval is not the remedy. Sacrifice for the common good, however, always works when it is applied.

Unfortunately, though, sacrificing on the scale that is needed to counter the effects of human depravity to the degree we witness today will not likely become acceptable even to those who love liberty and freedom until our nation is very close to the edge of total destruction. Maybe it won’t come soon enough to prevent total destruction from taking place. That happened in France in 1789. It has happened in all those other places, in other times, mentioned above. It may happen here… and if it does, everybody will suffer mightily, including, ironically, the depraved who orchestrated it.

Even the most corrupt among us doesn’t want what is coming…

Think long and hard about that. Corruption always leads to destruction, including the destruction of all the perks and trinkets that corruption brings its functionaries. Does anyone believe corrupt individuals want to be responsible for that? I do not. They don’t see it coming. That’s what happens when one gets immersed, up to their eyebrows and beyond, in corruption.

Corrupt individuals are driven by addictions similar, if not identical, to those that make slaves of cigarette smokers and heroin users (I’ve never used heroin, but was a slave to tobacco for 17 years, and I know how hard it is to escape from such addictions). Corruption starts off small, but the rewards are big, and they keep on getting bigger the more corrupt one becomes. Before long, those who are corrupt begin to believe there will be no end to it. The gifts keep on coming and — from all indications, almost to the very end — seem unstoppable. Within a corrupt government, the only thing that does not give rewards is behaving lawfully. That’s where we are today.

Call to Action…

If you are reading this and you do not yet see this as a call to action, you are not paying attention. What kind of action? Lawful, honorable, ethical and moral action. Nothing more, nothing less. Will we have to make sacrifices? Without doubt. Maybe even the ultimate sacrifice. Liberty has always required that of its champions. If Ms. Clinton wins the coming election, the likelihood of conservatives like you and me being placed in harm’s way increases exponentially. Prepare for it. Embrace it. Don’t shrink from it.

But we can be positive, too. Let’s talk about the kind of action needed. First, every conservative, every American who loves and admires our liberty, freedom, and all the guarantees provided by the U.S. Constitution, needs to vote in the election this November. The ballot box is rigged in a few places, but not in enough places — yet — to make it impossible for conservatism to win the election if enough of us march to the polls and cast our votes. You can count on Ms. Clinton to do all she can to “fix” that once she is in office, by taking every step she can to rig every election box in the nation against conservatism and in favor of depravity. That’s what she and her husband do. They are very good at it. They get away with it. And if she gets to the Oval Office, she will make it happen throughout the nation wherever it is possible for her to do so.

If you are not registered yet, get registered immediately, then when November rolls around go and vote for the only conservative candidate for president on the ballot with any chance of winning. That, by the way, will be Donald Trump, because the only other conservative is a Libertarian with no chance whatever of winning. Whether you question Trump’s conservative stance or not, you should read his 1988 book “The Art of the Deal.” He is, today, exactly what he said he was in 1988. Yes, he is crude, egotistical, unpolished, and yes, those traits may rub you the wrong way, but none of them are genuine sins. Ironically they result from an unusual form of brash, unvarnished honesty, the kind that we should get behind. He gets the job done. And he does it the right way. By being honest, forthright, and candid. That’s not something we are used to seeing, and we tend to be put off when we witness its emergence, but — please get this straight — it is exactly what is needed in this time in American history.

One more thing…

Then do this: prepare yourself to petition the U.S. Government, post election (when, we can only hope, Ms. Clinton will be defeated by the only thing that she cannot yet manipulate, the marching to the polls of every concerned conservative lover of freedom and liberty in this land), to reexamine her case and bring her, along with her husband, to justice.

All in accord with the law. With due process leading the way.

The statute of limitations on her crimes has not run. In a way, Comey did us a favor. Had he recommended criminal charges against Ms. Clinton, President Obama would have been expected to immediately issue an executive pardon, making future investigations and prosecutions against her moot. Since he has not been given the opportunity to do that, because she has been neither charged nor convicted of a crime, double jeopardy does not apply. She and her crimes are still fair game, and she and her husband need to be charged and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, wherever the truth takes us. Let’s make this happen. When this is done America will be well on the way toward being made great again.


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