The New Millennium Goon

— This article by Jerry Cates, was published on 13 March 2016, and last revised on 13 March 2016. © Govinthenews Vol. 7:3(1).


According to Mirriam-Webster’s definition, the word “goon” refers to (1) a person who has been hired to threaten, beat up, or kill someone, and (2) a stupid person. The two definitions are natural bedfellows. When someone hires others to intimidate a crowd, disrupt a rally, and incite others to violence for the express purpose of stifling a message they don’t want heard, the best people to hire are just plain stupid; i.e., people who will do the bidding of the person paying them off without thinking of the consequences. From all indications, the person or organization that hired the goons that have been disrupting Donald Trump’s rallies is as stupid as the goons — yes, that is what they are — that they hire.

A not-too-bright employer of goons has lately been behind the disruptions at Donald Trump’s political rallies. And it is just as evident that the employer,, and the stupid goons they hire, have no idea what consequences their disruptions bring. If they knew, they’d stop. At least they would if they had any brains. But, wait... oh, never mind.

With every disruption that’s goons foment, interest in Donald Trump’s message climbs. Ironically, the message doesn’t want heard is now being shouted from the rooftops, precisely because of the tumult their goons have wrought. And a lot of Americans like what they hear. A lot. As in, a lot like it a lot. So, says Donald Trump, thanks a bunch,

And despite all the criticism heaped on Trump by his fellow presidential candidates, the way the paid protesters at his rallies have been treated has been stellar. Nobody has been seriously hurt on either side. His competitors for the race to the presidency don’t mention that.

I titled this “The New Millennium Goon” because, well, we’re in the new millennium and we still have goons amongst us. Stupid people are not hard to find. Or to hire. It has always been that way, and the future for goons looks pretty good. If you are stupid. And if you are into hiring stupid people…


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