Finally: Common Sense Trumps Political Correctness

— This article by Jerry Cates, was published on 14 January 2016, and last revised on 2 February 2016. © Govinthenews Vol. 7:1(4).


The main GOP debate on 14 January had two winners: the U.S.A. and Donald Trump.

Need I say more? Probably not. But here goes, anyway:

Trump made no serious missteps in the debate, and scored big over several of his opponents, including Ted Cruz. Those two facts mean only one thing: his polling scores are poised to rise while those of his closest contenders will likely drop.

Ted Cruz did not put concerns about his birth in Canada to rest. I raised that issue early in the campaign, but dropped it once major objections to it were raised by constitutional scholars. It appears I was on track from the start, and should have explored it even further. The problem, as I see it today, is that while the definition of “natural born” is subject to interpretation, the strictest interpretation requires it to refer to those born on U.S. soil.

Cruz wants to use a looser interpretation, but doing so not only blurs the legitimacy of his candidacy, it opens the door for even less strict interpretations in the future. If Cruze’s definition is allowed to stand, we will likely see presidential candidates, some day, who fit none of the definitions. The original requirement was placed in the constitution for a purpose. Cruz should be championing that purpose. If he does, he will quietly recuse himself from the race.

Update: 2 February 2016

I watched with interest as the caucus figures from Iowa came in last night. As Ted Cruz rose to the top, and stayed there, I confess feeling somewhat relieved. Trump is enigmatic. How he would govern is something we will never know until he is in office, but we do know some things about him: he’s thin skinned (not something a world leader should be), and he’s unpredictable (another thing a world leader should not be.)

Cruz is neither thin skinned or unpredictable. He won in Iowa despite being strongly, and visibly against ethanol subsidies. That speaks volumes in his favor, as honesty (Trump came out in favor of ethanol, obviously seeking the ethanol vote) seems to matter to him, even when it hurts. He has a proven record that honors the U.S. Constitution. He is universally despised in Congress because he won’t play the political games that the establishment forces our senators and representatives to play (shades of Mr. Smith goes to Washington!). After eight years (actually 16, given that George W. Bush was no friend to the U.S. Constitution during his presidency) of constitution trampling, having a president who will both honor it and will do all that he can to reverse the harm done to it of late, we can’t ask for much more than that.

A Cruz/Rubio ticket could be a winner, come November. Cruz won’t sell us down the river, and a Rubio vice president will help with the Latino vote, without exposing America to Rubio’s presently liberal views on illegal immigration. After eight years of a Cruz/Rubio administration, Rubio may well be ready to take the helm on a platform of taking Cruz’s programs to an even higher level.

One can hope…

Then, again, there is New Hampshire. Trump is polling way ahead of Cruz there at the moment. Will he turn the tables and leave Cruz in the dust, never to rise again? We’ll have a better grip on that in about a week.


Hillary Clinton, assuming she is the nominee for president on the Democratic ticket, appears to be in for one heck of a debate. It is one she is not likely to win, but one a host of good, solid, honest and hard working Americans cannot wait to see and hear.

Update: 2 February 2016

Hillary won in Iowa last night by a razor-thin margin. In her speech following the announced results, she looked scared. Her husband, Bill, looked dazed and bewildered, his mouth slack-jawed. Bernie Sanders — by contrast — is going strong, and getting stronger.

I want to see Hillary lose, because national security and loyalty to the tenets on which this nation was founded and that keep it going matters, and Hillary has no respect for any of that. I spent years handling highly classified materials, and knew every day when doing so that I faced federal prison time if I made even a small mistake. Exposing SAP information on an unclassified server is  not a small mistake, but one of the worst examples of mishandling classified materials imaginable. She should be in jail right now, but that won’t happen. Instead, it will be Bernie Sanders’ job to bring her down and it looks now like he has a fighting chance to do that.

My concerns with Bernie are that he is kind of an Obama clone. Like Obama, his support comes from those who crave entitlements without caring about the cost. Unfortunately, the fraction of American voters who put entitlements ahead of everything else is large and growing. Never mind that if they get their way they will destroy our nation, from the inside out. They don’t believe that because they have no concept of history; if they had such a concept they would know that wholesale giveaways (like providing free tuition to state-owned colleges and universities) cannot be sustained without destroying the economy. Bernie promises to give them what they want, and does not tell them what it will cost (America’s destruction).

The Bernie Sanders message is a siren song like unto that of the Lorelei, the high slate rock on the River Rhine. There the water currents create a murmuring sound at the base of the rock that are amplified by the rock’s steep face. In German folklore the sound has lured many a sailor to come near, where the currents draw the ship into the currents, smashing it to pieces.

America’s youth does not typically appreciate the voice of wisdom from their elders. Especially today. If by chance they prevail in electing a Socialist to the highest office of the land, they will rue that day, but don’t tell them that now, as they won’t listen. It will be a great lesson in history for them, though. One they will never forget. Let us hope they are not required to learn it the hard way…


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