Obama’s America

— This article by Jerry Cates, was published on 12 January 2016, and last revised on 12 January 2016. © Govinthenews Vol. 7:1(3).


Last Thursday, on January 7th, 2016, an 18-year-old woman, out on a stroll with her father in a Brooklyn playground, was attacked by five teenaged men. One of the men pulled a gun and ordered the woman’s father to leave. Then the five took turns raping her.

The father, who was not armed, was helpless. He did as the men said, and went in search of the police. On finding a patrol car with two officers inside, he took them to the spot where his daughter was attacked but the five had scattered.

What that father and his daughter faced is what Obama wants you and me, and our wives, fathers, and daughters, to face every day, everywhere in America. New York City faces it now, and even conservative commentators — who should know better but apparently do not — defend New York City’s policy of making it practically impossible for all but the very rich and very connected to carry concealed handguns in the Big Apple. Why conservative commentators do this is no mystery. They are among the connected few who are either armed or have armed bodyguards. They don’t have to face what ordinary folks face every day. So, it is alright with them if most of New York City is unable to defend itself against criminals with guns.

It’s alright with Obama and with New York City’s news commentators that a father and his daughter, who could have been spared if either had been able to legally carry a handgun, had to experience what they went through in that Brooklyn playground last Thursday.

Maybe after thinking about what that father and his daughter went through, and now have to relive every day of the rest of their lives, over and over again, they will come to their senses.

Obama’s America is no way to live.


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