The Definition of Liberty & Freedom…

— This article by Jerry Cates, was published on 17 November 2015, and last revised on 9 December 2015. © Govinthenews Vol. 6:11(2).


How interesting! In the United States, today, those at the highest levels of our government have lost their bearings.

What they have lost, in actual fact, is all understanding of the most precious tenets of Americanism ever. They have no idea what the words “Liberty” and “Freedom” mean.

President Barack Obama has made it clear, in the past few days alone, that he had not the slightest concept of what those words connote. His secretary of state, John Kerry, has done the same. They are not alone. Not in the least.

This is a devastating development. All America should be in mourning. This author is.

Those who cannot articulate, demonstrate a love for, and actively prosecute the protection of liberty and freedom have no place in American government.

Yes, this is a call to action. Lawful, thoughtful, deliberate action. That time has come. We must return to our roots. We must recognize that there is never any excuse for weakening in the least any of the precious freedoms this land was founded upon.

And most of all we must return to integrity. There is no integrity in the halls of American government today. That must change, or we are doomed. Political correctness is our enemy, not our friend. Corruption is our death knell, not a doorway to the American dream. Both must be stamped out before it is too late…

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