Courting the Muslim Vote

— This article by Jerry Cates, was published on 16 November 2015, and last revised on 20 November 2015. © Govinthenews Vol. 6:11(1).


Justin Trudeau, eldest son of Canada’s late former prime minister (serving from April 20, 1968 to June 4, 1979, and from March 3, 1980 to June 30, 1984), recently ran for his dad’s old office and, on October 19, 2015, won a decisive victory in the federal election. Trudeau’s Liberal Party won 184 of 338 seats, garnering 39.5% of the vote, in the second-best performance of the Liberal Party’s history. Three days later, on October 22, 2015, he stated that he would end Canada’s airstrike mission against ISIL. When, a little more than three weeks later, Islamist terrorists struck in Paris, killing 126 and wounding hundreds more, he was asked if his stance on ISIS would change, his reply was non-committal.

This came as no surprise to those who followed Trudeau’s campaign for office over the past two years. Trudeau had, in the views of some Canadian journalists, not only courted the Muslim vote but had sought support from radical Muslims, even those who favored terrorism. According to Ezra Levant, writing 14 months before the election, Trudeau actively courted Canada’s Muslim voters because they constitute an important voting block that almost certainly will not vote for conservative candidates.

In the United States, and in many other Western nations, the same phenomenon has been observed in action. What is behind it? Where will it lead? That is the subject of this paper. It will take time to unfold and examine in proper detail. Stick with us as we do just that…




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