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Today I received, in the mail, a large white envelope from The Heritage Foundation. It is one of the organizations honored in this website’s blogroll (in the column on the right of each page). The focus of the work done by The Heritage Foundation is, in general, on things that are good for this nation.

In the upper left corner of the envelope was written in large type “RECLAIM AMERICA.” Under that, in smaller type was this: “A historic, multi-year project by The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action for America to break the political left’s grip on government and restore our constitutional freedoms.”

All that sounds good. The Heritage Foundation supports a conservative viewpoint. I’m an independent conservative who plans to vote for the next Republican on the ballot. Not one of those running for President on the Democratic ticket could possibly earn my vote, based on my knowledge of their liberal, socialist-oriented platforms.

Thus, if The Heritage Foundation is for something, it is probably up my alley. But as I read through the eight-page letter enclosed in the envelope, I began to bristle. The focus of the letter was on the excesses and failures of the Left. The Progressives. Obama’s reckless spending, his “imperial presidency.” Sure, I agree with those criticisms, but a strict polarization of the political problem in the U.S. is out-of-line. We have serious problems on the Right, as well. In many ways, in fact, the problems on the Right are worse, in that they are too often glossed over in favor of bashing the Left.

Only near the bottom of page 2 were the disappointments and failings of the Republican leadership in Congress mentioned. The “mention” of that continued for a total of three short paragraphs, consisting of three sentences, made up of 82 words.

Page 3 was devoted to a recap of the great works of Ronald Reagan, and how The Heritage Foundation had been a part of his accomplishments. Reagan was a great president, in many ways, but the history of his administration is studded with a number of serious negatives. Ronald Reagan, as President of the U.S., made several egregious mistakes. No mention was made in The Heritage Foundation’s letter regarding Reagan’s amnesty to illegal immigrants, a legacy haunting us — badly — today. Or Iran/Contra, also haunting us today. Or… need I go on?

Page 4 began a listing of eight goals on which the Reclaim America program will focus. All are good:

  1. Cut Spending
  2. Repeal and replace Obamacare
  3. Rein in uncontrolled bureaucracy
  4. Provide leadership in a dangerous world
  5. End corporate cronyism and corruption
  6. Fix our broken immigration and border security system
  7. Reform our tax code
  8. Defend the Constitution and the Rule of Law

Yet, none of these goals will get anywhere, so long as the list is not expanded to include rooting out and curing corruption within our Legislature. Not one of the eight goals included anything, anything, to address the most serious problem in Washington: kicking out the scoundrels in Congress, and replacing them with honest, stand-up men and women who care more about preserving the U.S. Constitution than about getting re-elected.

Nothing is said in the letter about forcing our judicial system to investigate crime in government, to take that investigation as far as it needs to go, to identify, charge, try and convict every dishonest politician — on the Right and the Left — and put them all in jail, just as we regularly treat ordinary citizens who are guilty of the very same crimes.

Nothing. Not a single word. Washington is broken. It needs to be fixed, and the brokenness is nowhere more pernicious than in the presence of crooks, criminals wearing the Traditional Congressional Lapel Pin.

Every problem addressed in the eight-point plan is the result of a corrupt Washington, corrupt Democrats, corrupt Independents, and corrupt Republicans. Some are honest, some are corrupt. How many can be properly described as one or the other is open to question, but some who have carefully studied the question suggest more are corrupt than are honest. Maybe, even, the number of the former eclipses the number of the latter by a huge margin.

This must be dealt with. Corruption at the top is destructive of the nation in ways we can only imagine. With honest upstanding men and women there we’d not have to worry about the Constitution. They’d defend and preserve it without being told.

I have a message for Jim DeMint, President of The Heritage Foundation: stop the pablum and start feeding us red meat. Otherwise you are no better than all the rest, and that’s a sad, sad situation to be in, sir…




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