Listen Up World: Nous Sommes Tous Charlie!

— This article by Jerry Cates, first published on  12 January 2015, was last revised on 30 September 2015. © Govinthenews Vol. 6:01(1).


On Sunday, 11 January 2015, 40 of this planet’s national leaders — not their surrogates, their seconds in command, or even just their ambassadors to France, but the actual leaders, themselves — locked arms in solidarity on the streets of Paris, denouncing the Islamist Terrorist attacks that had taken place in France hours before.

Oddly, America’s President, our nation’s top executive, was nowhere to be seen. His vice president, likewise, was absent. As was his Secretary of State. His Attorney General, Eric Holder, was in Paris, but refused to march alongside British Prime Minister David Cameron, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, French President Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Secretary of State John Kerry, who is scheduled to fly to Paris later this week, called criticism of Obama’s absence from the Paris march “quibbling.” A senior White House official, when asked why President Barack Obama did not attend, offered that “it is worth noting that the security requirements for both the president and VP can be distracting from events like this,” and then added “This event is not about us.

Not about us.

Not… about… us?

It is precisely about us.

Anyone who thinks this event was not about us has no business speaking for us, representing us, or pretending to even be us. We recoil at those words, “not about us.” Like the courageous officers of the NYPD who turned their backs on New York Mayor De Blasio because he had turned his back on them, we denounce our president and all those who, like him, refuse to acknowledge and publicly denounce the truth about Islamic Terror.

I and the American people stand ashamed of our own President, our White House Administration, our Secretary of State, and our Attorney General. Ashamed! Words cannot describe the shame we feel at this moment. So I shall refrain, here, from trying to put our shame into words.

But lest anyone in the world think otherwise — by relying on the behavior and outward acts of America’s most highly placed elected officials — let it be known by all that, as far as the American People themselves are concerned:


We stand ashamed of our leaders and of their inexcusable dereliction of duty with regard to this momentous event, in Paris, which was our opportunity, as a nation, to stand with the leaders of the free world in firm and fierce condemnation of Islamist terror. That march was also our opportunity to stand — as a nation, as a people, and as a part of humanity — united with all those in the world who cherish and defend freedom of speech and of the press. And it was also our opportunity to stand up, in public, with the whole world watching, and express as a nation our utter condemnation of the Islamist terrorists — AND ALL WHO, LIKE THEM, BELIEVE THAT HONORING, CHERISHING, AND CELEBRATING FREE SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IS SOMETHING TO BE PUNISHED — who carried out their evil acts.

President Obama should have been there, to stand defiant, as our representative, expressing our national sentiment for freedom and our national disgust for those who would take it from us. But he did not. From all indications he watched football on television instead. That was, to him, more important than doing his job, representing his nation to a watching world.

Be not misled by this. Obama does not speak for America. We will not be silent about the scourge of Islamic Terrorism. We condemn it, in the most stringent terms possible. We will fight it, we will subdue it, and we will bring it to an inglorious end. We will always do so, regardless of the outrageous evidence that our present, thankfully lame-duck leadership thinks and behaves otherwise.


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