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To all our loyal readers and contributors:

Gov in the news is a nonpolitical, non-partisan website devoted to discussing topics pertinent to governance in today’s global community, today’s world. Emphasis is on government in the United States of America, with particular emphasis on laws and governmental practices that affect our environment.

We invite others to submit articles for publication. Each published article is a moderated blog that is open for public comment. The cited author(s) may be — and often are — assisted by others who add content but for whom no attribution is provided. In all such cases the cited author accepts full responsibility for the published piece.

Considerable latitude is permitted each author, cited or otherwise, in keeping with the revered American right ┬áto freedom of expression. However, our chief editor reserves the right to edit or remove content that is deemed inflammatory, egregiously divisive, or of a nature that is best left to private discourse outside of a public setting. In the event of disagreement regarding an article’s edited content, the piece may be withdrawn by the cited author(s) until such time as the disputed portions can be revised to a form acceptable to all.

Postings of a political nature always rankle. Like religion, political views excite the mind and the visceral juices, sometimes in unpredictable ways. It is our intent to be as objective as possible, which means that — at least within the limited bounds of our ability to do so — all sides must be given equal attention. We recognize, however, that achieving what we intend on that score is an impossible task. Though each author, cited or anonymous, is counseled to present a fair and balanced view, biases are not easy to quell, and their effects on others can be even more difficult to discern.

Our best is all we can promise. Sometimes, particularly when the subject matter touches on sensitive matters, our best is not enough. When that happens, the better approach is to cease trying in the present until, at some time in the future, the topic can be returned to with clarity and understanding, in an atmosphere that fosters genuine expression without engendering the basest of human emotions.

Thanks for bearing with us as we press forward in our feeble attempts to thread the turbulent waters of today’s politics in America.


Jerry Cates

Govinthenews Editor in Chief


Questions? Corrections? Comments? E-mail webadmin@govinthenews.info. Or register, log in, and leave a detailed comment in the space provided below each of our published articles.

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